Computer & Server Repairs

DC Office People Inc offers services in maintenance, repairs and upgrades of most I.T equipment; including but not limited to Desktops, Laptops and Servers.

In keeping with our vision, we at DC Office People Inc have acquired a team of experienced technicians (some with over fifteen years of experience) to address the I.T needs of our clients. We service and repair most leading brands; whether the problem is at the client's home or office, we offer on-site diagnostics and repair to address their needs. We also offer in-shop repairs with an on-time pick up and delivery system. We understand uptime and availablility is important to our clients, thus we aim to address all service incidents within 24-48 hours. In extreme cases, we offer after-hour services on request of the client. 


Below is a list of main services we offer:

  • PC inspection: We remove dust and debris from within I.T equipment.
  • Diagnostics: We troubleshoot systems to check for any underlying or unseen problems. Whether it be hard drives, memory, PCI cards, software etc.
  • Virus/ Spyware Removal: All PC’s are at risk to Spyware and Viruses, DCOP will remove such harmful programs from your computer.
  • Data Transfer/Recovery: We relocate/ recover data from one computer to another or to an external hard drive.
  • Operating System/ Software Installation: We update or install Windows operating systems, as well as any other type of software.
  • Hardware Upgrades: Installation of any additional hardware upgrades
We have been an Authorized Dell Service Provider for the last 9 years and we intend to maintain our high level of service for all of clients.