Data Recovery & Data Protection

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Data Security

DC Office People Inc can help you ensure both your data and equipment is kept as safe as possible. Having easy access to data does not grant an automatic protection from data corruption or data loss, due to mishaps. Our technicians are here to advise you on the best options available to your particular requirements, such as the amount of data you want to both store and safely backup. We also provide services of data recovery in cases of data loss or corruption.

No matter your budget, we will be able to offer a storage solution that fits your needs. Whether you require a just a simple recommendation on your back-up process or the implementation of a  RAID, Network Attached Storage(NAS),  Storage Area Network(SAN) or Automated Back-up solutions we are here to help. 

You can also choose from the following for a consultation:

  • Data retrieval and recovery services
  • Data Back-up solutions
  • RAID solutions
  • Data storage solutions ( Tape-Drives, NAS, SAN etc.)