UPS Repairs

DC Office People Inc is a premier partner with one of the leading power protection brands APC. Our company strongly recommends that both businesses and home users should consider investing in an appropriate power protection unit. This is because power in Barbados is continually plagued by surges, sags, spikes, transients, EMI, RFI and even complete failure, all of which affect sensitive electronic equipment. We at DC Office People Inc. can offer support to ensure your UPS is running at optimum efficiency, whether it be a battery replacement or other issues which may affect UPS units.
The key benefits to having UPS protection and support are:
  • Avoiding costly hardware damage
  • Avoiding data corruption and loss
  • Avoiding costly and inconvenient down time
  • Enabling remote monitoring of environment and control of power.
  • Enabling unattended orderly shutdown in the event of mains failure.


To maintain high levels of availability UPS batteries should be checked regularly to ensure they are operating efficiently. The average life span of UPS batteries is 3-5 years. We carry a full assortment of batteries to fit UPS units of all brands and models.